Mia is the third doll created by Mithral Dolls. She features an all-original body that is shorter (39cm) than Lyric and Mirage, and has a softer figure.  

Her cute face has slightly parted lips with room to paint teeth. She has an enchanted, ethereal feel with her short elf or pixie ears giving a playful feel to her soft face!

She is the first Artist Doll from Mithraldolls to feature magnetic wrists! Each Mia doll will come with 4 hands (2 left and 2 right) for extra options in photographing and posing your doll! She has 22 points of articulation, including double joints in the elbows and knees, a thigh swivel, and an under-bust joint.  

Mia has a two-part torso as opposed to the three part torso seen on Lyric and Mirage for a smoother line to the body that looks great in lingerie. 

She is pictured wearing 14mm eyes and a 6-7″ wig.